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Furnished Session Rooms in Holistic Clinic

From Evernote:

Furnished Session Rooms in Holistic Clinic

Furnished room available in friendly, professional integrative holistic medical clinic.
Reduced Rates and Increased Flexibility:
Rates per day as low as $55 when scheduling from 8:30am to 2:30pm, 2:30 to 9pm, OR on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of your specifically chosen hours ( up to an 8 hour day). By percentage, monthly or yearly rates.
Hourly rates of $13.90 can go down to approx 7.00 per hour as more hours are scheduled per month.
Near skytrain and next to bus stop on "The Drive" (on Commercial Drive near 1st Avenue). Waiting room with water cooler and tea area in entrance plus reception area.
Please call 604.568.4663 to book your meeting room today or email info [at ] accessnaturalhealing.com for more
information or for a viewing. Three different Session Rooms to choose from.
Call now! 604-568-4663 OR info@accessnaturalhealing.com. Include resume or website if possible. 


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