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Prevention of swine flu — Is homeopathy the answer? Debjani Arora Mar 09, 2015 at 11:07 am

With swine flu claiming lives at an alarming rate, death toll reaching a shocking 1300 across the country, it becomes clear that prevention is better than cure. But the sad part is many fall prey to rumours and quacks while looking for preventive measures to be safe and healthy. However, if one resents the conventional form of treatment, homeopathy stands to be a safe and wise option to follow. Moreover, it stands to be the second largest system of medicine in India. Here are 10 tips every parent should follow to keep children safe from swine flu.

‘It is a safe method of treatment with almost no side effects. The advantage of homeopathy drug is such that apart from taking care of the main symptoms, it also helps in dealing with other problems in a subtle way. So if one patient is given doses for say gastric problem, the same drug could also help in treating other minor issues of the body and build immunity. Going the homeopathy way is a safe and secure method for anyone who is looking for prevention from swine flu,’ informs Dr Bhavi Mody, Vrudhi Homeopathy and Wellness Centre, Mumbai. Here is how you can build immunity to save yourself from a bout of swine flu. 

Can homeopathy be as effective in treating swine flu as the conventional form of medication?

A study conducted by the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy from September 2009 to February 2010 pointed out that homeopathy drugs, when used to treat patients suffering from symptoms of swine flu, showed effective results in treating them. ‘In the discipline of homeopathy, when there is an outbreak of an epidemic, the few main symptoms are taken into consideration along with the major drugs that could treat the same. With swine flu, it was observed that the drug ARS. alb. 30 stood effective in both, treating and preventing a bout of swine flu,’ informs Dr Bhavi. The study also indicated that the drug could treat 80 percent of the symptoms of the flu effectively. Here are 10 facts about swine flu you need to know.

Moreover, the Indian Department of AYUSH (alternative systems) suggests use of the homeopathic medicine ARS. alb. 30, also known as Arsenic alba 30; one dose for three consecutive days as prevention for Swine flu. Here are the symptoms of swine flu that you need to be aware off.

So is homeopathy a better approach for preventing swine flu?

‘Homeopathy drugs don’t just treat the symptoms of the ailment but act on the psycho-neuron-axis of the brain, helping in building immunity and improving overall well-being. So if a patient has been following a homeopathy treatment for some other illness, his immunity is already been taken care of and would not need the said drug to fight swine flu,’ says Bhavi. Here is the answer to an important question — Is swine flu curable? 

However, for others who wish to take adequate prevention to ward off a viral attack, taking homeopathy pills, prescribed by a practitioner, can help. Remember, it is advised not to take homeopathy pills without proper consultation. As with homeopathy, all drugs are not suitable for everyone. ‘Homeopathy is a line of medicine where drugs are prescribed after taking into account the patient’s history, other signs and symptoms, apart from the existing symptoms or illness. It is a long painstaking process, so it is better to see a doctor rather than self-treat,’ says Dr Bhavi. Here is what you should know how life treats one after recovering from swine flu.

When should one turn to homeopathy?

One can take help of homeopathy treatment or use it for preventive measures at any point in time. However, keeping in mind the swine flu epidemic, it is better to reach to your practitioner soon after you see the symptoms – persistent cold, cough, high fever, etc. ‘When taken on time or soon after the symptoms of flu are noticed, homeopathy drugs can help fight swine flu and put one on the road to recovery effectively,’ says Dr Bhavi.

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