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You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who still doubt … here’s a simple little ‘homeopathy’ experiment to check if potentisation really does have an effect.

Grab some common green bean seeds and divide them into two groups. In the first group (your control group) water them as per normal. In the second group, your test group, water them as well but only after adding 5 drops of potentised table salt (Nat-m 6C) per 50ml. As happened in the following research, you should see the beans from your test group grow more quickly and profusely than the control group even though a 6C potency is indistinguishable from plain water.

And where can you get the Nat-m 6C? It is easy to buy from most homeopathic pharmacies or you can make your own – its simple. Just follow the instructions found in one of the below links.

(For the purpose of this experiment, you won’t need a ‘mother tincture’ or alcohol as per the instructions. Just add approximately 1 part of common table salt to 99 parts of water. Potentisation is quite flexible so measures don’t have to be exact for an effect to take place).

So, for the price of a few beans you too can test homeopathy.

(Green beans are not the only plants you can experiment with – any plant can be affected by a homeopathic potency as Darwin himself discovered. Just Google for the growing list of homeopathic research with other plants.)
Links to More Information

Bean growth research: A pilot study of the influence of Natrum muriaticum 6cH and 30cH in a standardized culture of Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Potentisation instructions: Three Scales of Potency

Darwin’s story and homeopathic plant experiments: The Surprising Story of Charles Darwin and His Homeopathic Doctor
From; http://homeopathyplus.com.au/you-too-can-test-homeopathy/

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