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Why hounding homeopaths is both batty and arrogant.

Originally posted on  Body of Evidence:
There is no shortage of villains in the world. Psychopaths – domestic and national – whalers, toxic waste dumpers, global eavesdroppers, billionaire tax avoiders and their army of accountants –  all well worth campaigning against with the aim of getting them banged up or forced to cough up. There…

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Homoeopathy in Italia

homeopathic kit by searsIn Italy there are over 5000 homeopathic physicians, 7000 pharmacies dispensing homeopathic medicines and 20 different laboratories. In a study in the early part of the last decade, 8.2 million Italians reported using homeopathy and approximately 90% of them said they were helped by the treatment.

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Candida Conundrum: Is It Really Allergies?

(NaturalNews) A short time ago, I wrote an article on treating candida. This article took a lot of the stress and misery out of the typical candida diet and allowed you to heal your body while killing candida. This is something that is not typically addressed very well in most candida diets, which often leave …

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Using Homeopathy for Treating Symptoms of Anxiety

A lot of people in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders. One in eight children in the country are said to be affected by it. Depression cases are also high, with six percent of the total US population recorded to have been suffering from the condition. To treat people with anxiety disorders, doctors prescribe …

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