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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Dana Ullman speaking for an appropriate amount of time to address “What is Homeopathy”; concisely and precisely! Thank you Dana;)


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CBC and Homeopathy; The Real Truth

Will CBC bring more attention to Homeoprophylaxis (what they’ll describe as an alternative to vaccines) than homeopaths can?!? A few years ago, a journalist requested information on homeopathy for a show on CBC. I am a typical Canadian and so therefore I have a strong affinity for CBC. I asked clearly to the organizers of …

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What you need to know about Ebola in BC

“Ebola in West Africa: looking back, moving forward WHO/N. Alexander 22 September 2014 — This week marks 6 months since WHO was notified of an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Guinea. This outbreak has since evolved into the largest, most severe and most complex outbreak in the history of the disease. The 3 most-affected …

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documentary film on homeopathy in the making

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